Safety and Healthcare in Croatia

If you’re travelling to Croatia, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful time! But unfortunately the unexpected can happen on our travels, so here we take a look at safety and healthcare in Croatia.

Healthcare in Croatia

The health service in Croatia is of a good standard. As the country is now part of the EU, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is now valid in Croatia. If you’re the citizen of an EU country and are travelling to Croatia, we would highly recommend that you obtain an EHIC (it is free, after all!).

Here is the NHS’s advice on healthcare in Croatia. If not in the UK, check with your home healthcare provider for their information for Croatia.

Whether you’re an EU resident (with an EHIC) or not, we would definitely advise all travellers to obtain travel insurance when travelling abroad.

Hospitals and Medical Centers in Tisno and the surrounding area

  • Tisno contains an outpatient clinic and a pharmacy located in the center of Tisno (50 m before the bridge to the right when you come from the garden resort)


the nearest hospital is 26 kilometers away and is located in Sibenik


Safety in Croatia

It is quite safe to travel all over Croatia and mugging and thefts are not a problem. You can safely walk in any town at night, but use your common sense, as always.

In some coastal resorts, as is common all over the Mediterranean, single women may be approached or wolf-whistled at. Say no firmly and you will not be bothered. In case of any problems, approach a policeman who will assist you.

Both the Croatian police and the army are well disciplined. If you have a language problem, approach a younger person (teenagers/students) as they all speak some English and will be eager to help.

Don’t go out of bounds!

There have been a few instances in the recent past where tourists have climbed into an area that’s out of bounds just to get a good photo! For example, in parts of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, or on areas of Dubrovnik’s Old Town walls; in some case, people have been injured by falling. Please be sensible and don’t climb on any structure or into an area that’s marked as a no go or that’s obviously not meant to have people there.

Forest fires

Unfortunately, as with many Mediterranean countries that experience hot summers, forest fires can be a problem in Croatia. It is very unlikely that you will be caught up in one although if you are, make sure you sensibly follow any emergency procedures that are in place. More importantly, please be careful not to do anything to cause a fire – something as simple as a badly discarded cigarette can devastate an area.

Emergencies in Croatia

Dial 112 for any kind of emergency in Croatia, regardless of whether your need an ambulance, the police or the fire brigade. Your call will be dealt with as appropriate. This number works from both landlines and mobile phones.

Other emergency numbers for specific services:

  • Dial 194 for an ambulance
  • Dial 192 for the police
  • Dial 193 for the fire brigade
  • Dial 9155 (or 112) for sea rescue
  • Dial 1987 for roadside assistance
  • Dial 072 777 777 for road information

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is an active organisation assisting with helping those who get into trouble on Croatia’s mountains. However, if you do find yourself needing rescue on a mountain, do still dial 112.